Let me introduce myself: my name is Maxim. Geographically'm in Russia. My specialty is very far from the world of Finance and programming. But some knowledge in the field of Internet technologies are available.

I not laurels of success of such Internet projects as: google.com, yandex.ru, facebook.com, vk.com, or many other projects on the Internet, the type of activity of which does not exceed the limits of their domain name. They exist somewhere on the Internet, a virtual world. Meanwhile, the income of these companies is measured in the billions of real, not virtual dollars.

In connection with the above, I am in constant search of additional sources of earnings in the Internet(virtual world) of real , not virtual money. I think that currently the Internet technologies developed so that you can earn the amount, sufficient for comfortable existence sitting at home at your computer. All found and tested by me personally methods of earnings in the Internet, I will tell you on the website, dedicated to the story about the methods of earnings in the Internet. Wherever possible I will upload fresh screenshots of electronic payment systems, with a particular project.

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